The Woes of Technologilessness

Alas, I have been without a camera for nigh on a week now. I would love to show you the dictionary I'm folding little by little in the evenings. I'd love to show you the new hearts I've been folding (and making a tutorial for!). It would be great to do all of these things BUT I DON'T HAVE MY CAMERA.

Aah... technology. How I do love/hate thee.

Still, in other news: My 101 goals. I made a huge breakthrough this weekend with one of the most important ones: #50. Use or lose stained glass. 

I lost it. For a few months(!) now, I've had 10 or so of those small plastic bins stacked up in my HALLWAY that were filled with different colors of glass. It's been probably 15 years since I've done anything with glass, but I couldn't bear to toss it - it was expensive! I used the stacks in the hallway to remind myself to think of something wonderful to do with the glass. I could think of lots of things to do with it, but it was all so contrived and useless...

And then I had a talk with my dear sister-in-law. About letting go. About freeing ourselves.

And so it went. I smiled THIS BIG.


Jo Murray said…
Boy Oh Boy! I wish I could throw stuff out. I KNOW it would be liberating but hey, I MIGHT need those bits of glass, those old glossy mags, those bits of hessian.
April Hajek said…
Letting go brings a sense of freedom, and a loss of the weight that you didn't realize you have been carrying around all of the time. Congrats to you for letting stuff go!
Caroline Armijo said…
I would have never considered "use or lose" as a goal. Brilliant! I also have the same problem with things. I think fabric and ribbon.
Farm Girl said…
I think it is grand you were able to let it go. It is so hard to take that step, but when you finally do you feel so good about it.
I love your blog so much.

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