Book Page Watercolors

I didn't realize until I was browsing Pinterest yesterday that so many other people do this same thing - use book pages to paint upon. Don't judge me badly! The whole point of this painting exercise was not to make a single drawing, but to make a mass of drawings. I've been seeing so many people do things that look beautiful en masse. I want to see if it makes a difference even when my drawing skills are rather ordinary.

The paper in this book is de.lis.cious! It takes pen and pencil and water so easily and beautifully. At first, I found myself not wanting to use any of the paper because then it would be all gone and where would I get more? But I finally had a talk with myself and persuaded Me that it is OKAY TO USE SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL UNTIL IT IS ALL GONE.

So I'm using it without fear now. And when the paper is gone (have I really ever let myself use up anything in my life for fear of running out?), I will be satisfied.

By the way, last night I had to get off early from work for a 5-minute dentist appointment. It was lovely. I went shopping at Costco after that and came home at 7pm to a quiet house. I got all of my art supplies and went into the backyard to paint. The light was perfect. The temperature was perfect. And the most beautiful birdsong was happening. Don't tell me Bakersfield is ugly. I just won't believe you.


Holly said…
Those are lovely. I want them as a quilt. *wheels turning
Unknown said…
I think I might try this sometime. How about taking a novel and changing it into a picture book a gift...Don't know if I have that kind of artistic ability . Great idea that you've illustrated very well . Thank you.
Fiona Dempster said…
I really like the whimsical nature of these - fresh and expressive and a wonderful way to use up book pages. I have begun printing onto book pages and love how that tells another story too. Continue to enjoy your exploration - even if the beautiful paper runs out! Go well.

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