Permission to Make Art

This article, How to Steal Like an Artist is amazing. I've seen the link on Pinterest for a while now, but took time to read it this morning when a person linked it on Facebook who didn't seem like the type of person who would link something like that. It was coming from a different perspective. Weird how things are.

So, I read it. And I am different now. I have been given permission to be me - a person who works a day job, who is married with children, is not thin and beautiful, reads children's books, loves cats and baking and flowers and art - and use all of those things to create beautiful things.

The most important thing I read in this article had to do with sharing secrets. People love knowing HOW to do things. Sometimes they like your secrets enough that they'll buy your stuff. Think Martha Stewart. She tells me how to make a beautiful home. Mary Engelbreit showed me people's studios and art processes. I learned their secrets and wanted to know more about them. And, yes, I've even bought their stuff.

So, what secrets can I share with you? I am thinking about having some free patterns for folded books here. You all need to know how fun this art is. I also think I'd like to teach people how to make the word beads I have in my shop. They are soooooo much work that I'd like people to see how they are made. Hmmm... the wheels are turning.


Jo Murray said…
Sharing is always worthwhile. You often get sooo much wonderful feedback it's a kickstart on to even more creativity. Thanks for the post.
Fiona Dempster said…
I like the practical, down to earthiness of some of his advice. I think so many of us are average folk with dogs, and houses and children and jobs and trying to make art - there isn't really the fabulous artist life somewhere over the rainbow; we get to live it amongst our life! I folded two more books over the weekend, so thank you for sharing!

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