Watercolors in the Works

I love watercolors: the jewel tones, the clarity of color, the transparent magic. This is a picture of my working box of watercolors. I've had the same box since high school. I replaced the colors with artist quality tube colors over the years and even have two large palettes that have samples of all of my tube colors. This is my go-anywhere set with my most-used colors.

 I draw with pen and ink first and then make several layers of color.  Because I have to wait for layers to dry, I work on several paintings at once. My favorite size is 3" x 5". Ish.

I love strong compositions. And corn dog trees.  And little red houses. And metallic powder.

I also love how forgiving watercolor is. It never mentions the weeks, months or years I neglect the art. When I come back, it still lets me make beautiful pictures.


RoMo said…
I share your love. Why can't I bring myself to do that anymore?
Nancy said…
Wow, truly lovely. Nobody can say you suffer from tunnel vision. I too suffer from artistic "peripherical vision", however mine keeps me from completing projects. One day I will find the ONE creative endeavor that so captivates me that I won't look any further for a creative outlet.
Heather Eddy said…
Nancy - I keep thinking/hoping that, too, but am wondering if it's like trying to find our soul mate or One True Love when there are actually many people who can become our one true love. Maybe art is that way, too.

Rochelle - doesn't my stuff still look like Doug Himes'?
Nancy said…
Nothing wrong with playing the field so to speak. My problem is I like so many different artistic venues that I more often than not find it a problem finishing one of them before my attention goes elsewhere. But I am sure of one thing, of all of my creative outlets the ones I enjoy the most involve paper in one form or another.

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