Trying Something New

Picture from Fitting, no?
I will eat anything once as long as it's legal for me. Some of my exotic food choices have included octopus tentacles, baby octopus (I hated eating its little head), shark and tripe. I understand that tripe isn't as exotic as all that, but when it's something you haven't had on your plate growing up, it's fancy and weird.

Today someone brought a blood orange to work. There were two segments left and I saw an opportunity to further my gastronomic horizons. So to speak. When I picked it up, I saw *why* it was called a blood orange. Some of the little pulp parts looked like blood blisters. Still, I bit into it. It was so great! Tangy and delicious and strange and unusual - all in one bite!

I should have included trying new foods on my 101 goals list, but it will just have to wait for another time...


Nancy said…
Too funny. Isn't it amazing how just trying a new food can provide so much enjoyment. It's amazing how making time to enjoy lifes simple pleasures can bring such peace to our lives. Wouldn't it be great if we could solve all of lifes issues so simply. I don't think I could come up with a 101 list of anything. I might give it a try just to see how high I actually get!
Heather Eddy said…
I think you'd be surprised at how many things you could come up with to challenge yourself on... We are a goal-making people!

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