I Like Bakersfield Today

My hubby would die if he could read this post because he has known that it was a true sacrifice for me to move to Bakersfield after we got married. I had always heard jokes that started: "If Stockton is the armpit of California, Bakersfield is the..." Yeah.

Anyway, I love rocks. I briefly considered geology in college. Bakersfield is close to a few places where you can find fossils and stuff. When I was at work on Saturday (*sigh*), Brian went with his brother and family to go fossil-hunting. I wanted to go so bad that I asked him to take me where they went [but I won't do any digging because it's Sunday...] so I could, uh, look.

So we went just outside of town, about five miles (that's all!), drove off the road to this dirt-moguled area by the bike path and parked. We three (Kiff, Brian and me), got out and walked up the bike path about 2/3 mile before we got to this steep trail that led up the side of the hill. We don't have mountains here in Bako - just hills. This valley we live in was once an ocean (Temblor Sea, I think), and there is a strata of fossils that peeks out of the hillside every so often. So, up we went to where you could see the layers of rock/dirt and treasure.

Brian showed me the hole where his brother had dug and found six shark teeth and a huge vertabrae (whale? - no I'm not kidding). I looked into the hole and said, "I'm just going to see how hard it is to dig." [It's Sunday! Keep the Sabbath day holy!]

I figured if I didn't use tools, just my hands, I wasn't breaking the Sabbath. I'm not even Jewish - where did I get THAT logic? Anyway, I didn't find anything where my bro-in-law had looked, but I decided to turn around and dig on the OTHER side of the hole.

Bingo. Found a shark tooth in two minutes. Then a couple of bones, then a cup-shaped thing.

I love where I live although, I'm allowed to change my mind in the future.


Allyson said…
Hey sis I need your new work number. Call me with it.

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