Good News and more!

Wonder of wonder, it's a miracle - a miracle!

An offer was accepted on a house we like! As soon as the bank signs the agreement, escrow begins and the countdown to home ownership begins! Of course, now the real work begins... inspections, updates of loan apps, contingencies met, etc. I imagine this is going to be quite a headache for a while - but hopefully not heartache! Perhaps I should wait to get my hopes up, just in case it doesn't work out... Oh well. I'll survive. If it doesn't work out, we'll continue looking at houses. Blech.

Have you ever wanted to contact someone whose blog you read, but been too nervous? For several months now, I've loved WhimSY Love's site and shop. After I discovered how to make folded books from Mary Engelbreit's (now defunct) magazine, I started looking around for examples on the Internet. To my surprise, I found someone one etsy selling folded books - Nikki's shop. I was thrilled that someone had found folded books, too, and was brave enough to sell them. But I wasn't brave. So I lurked on her shop's site for a long time and finally found her blog.

I've wanted to sell my own folded books for a while now, but had so many questions about how to ship and pack and present that I've put it off. There was nothing for it, I had to get my nerve up and ask someone who knew HOW to do this.

So I emailed Nikki from the address I got off her blog, humbly begging her pardon for my impudence, but wondering if she might let me know how she did such and such. To prove my case that I wasn't recently copying her, I gave her links to my flickr pages of folded books. I was scared spitless that she would think I was trying to rip her off.

Guess what? She answered. AND SHE WAS GREAT! It was like a new crush. We had a mad crazy week of emails, both of us exclaiming to each other how great it was to finally meet someone who understood folded books (we have each gotten the same looks and weird questions).

She gave me confidence to branch out in my shop. So look soon for more goodies coming...


Holly said…
squeee! You must take pictures and share house porn as soon as you can. I don't remember it being too much of a headache when my mom bought her place, it took about a month and she just had to sign a couple feet of paperwork. Congratulations! Selfishly insinuating your successful vibes toward my realtor...
How sweet!!
I love the book you sent me & I can't wait to see your shop stocked with new folded goodies! YAY!

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