Daily Grind

Roller coasters have nothing on me today.

I woke up early. We were having the missionaries over for dinner tonight and I had to cook dinner and put it in the crock pot to be ready when we came home from work. I also listed another folded book.

Then I come to work to train a librarian from another branch on how to do my job. Am I getting laid off, I wonder? (We find out next Thursday what positions are being eliminated in my system...) The librarian lets me know she is being trained to take over at ANOTHER branch for someone's medical leave. *whew*

Then I get a call from my hub-sand that my mother in law has been admitted to the hospital.

Then my realtor called and said that the appraisal of the house was fine - we can get our FHA loan - AND we only have to fix two tiny things before escrow can close (of course, the loan has to do its thing).

Then I had a program to conduct for Summer Reading Program. My children's librarian quit the month before SRP started so I'm on my own doing the Children's librarian job plus my own (branch manager and adult services librarian). We had CALM do a presentation. The lady who did the presenting brought a live Great Horned Owl. I was *this* close to it and IT WAS SO COOL. I got to work on a folded book during the program. It was so nice to sit still for a half-hour.

Then I came home and fought to keep my two year old from bothering the missionaries while we had dinner- they aren't allowed to have children crawl on them - so, of course, that's all Kiff wanted to do. How DOES he know?

Then we took Brian's kids back to their mom's house and made a detour to the hospital to visit his mom. She didn't look good...

And then I came home and made cookies. I'm on my own tomorrow at the library so I made cookies to comfort myself. On Fridays one of us Reference Desk people is always off so the other flies solo. It makes for a pretty long day... But I am not complaining. For now, I am employed and for that, I am grateful. Hopefully I will still be employed after next Thursday.


Holly said…
Why do children's librarians bail right before SRP? *ahem* Sorry about that, she set up everything first, right? :( But hey, great timing getting the house landed before the fiscal year! :) Next week is going to be a time of horror. We're supposed to lose our dental and vision and 19% of our pay. Lovely.

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