Working with a two-year old

I have a 21-month old child. It took me a long time to have a child in my life so I refuse to complain too much about how hard it is to do anything with him around. Well, at least, I refuse to complain often.

This week has been busy trying to get ready for Halloween. Somehow I got roped into making costumes for two little boys. Brian is really good at coming up with ideas, but not so good at implementing them. That's my job, apparently. *sigh*

Anyway, Alex's prince costume has turned out pretty well. I found a couple of dresses at the local thrift store that I was able to cannibalize into a relatively manly-looking outfit. He'll get to wear it three times this week, so he needs to like it.

Next year, the kids are all going as bags of garbage. Those are easier.


pickleberries said…
I'm going to start working the bag of garbage idea at my house too! Maybe she'll get so sick of hearing me she'll cave. You did a great job on the prince.
daysease said…
Neat Costume!!! wow! and I love the idea of having your kids go as garbagw bags... so original. It will be a hit! :-)

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