Yummy Day

I sit here at the computer, eating a salami and pepperoni sandwich that I made with my own two hands. No Subway for me today, baby! Nope, today has been a day of doing and I'm happy with what I've done.

It is Conference weekend and that means I get four glorious hours per day to do crafting while sitting in front of the TV, listening to the words of the prophets and other leaders. Hurray!

Today I worked on a book. A while back I made up a board with examples of all the types of folds I thought would be useful for my book sculptures. Today I brought the board out with me to the couch and figured which one I would do. So, I've been cutting the pictures out of the Reader's Digest Condensed book (one of my two favorites to use because of their size) and folding pages PREPARATORY to my folding them a second way tomorrow. Ha ha! See the picture below to check out what it looks like tonight.

After Conference, the kids went to their nana's to visit and Brian went to the Priesthood session. It was kind of funny how I ended up alone. The baby has a cold and so I thought he'd like to just be with me. I drove the kids all over to Nana's and the older two got out and I started driving away. Then Kenneth Calvin gets trembly lipped and says "Nana...". Huh? He CARES? So, I drove back and Nana came out the front door. I said to her that KC wanted her. She opened the car door and said to him, "Do you want to visit, too?" He looked at her and said, "TOYS!" Yep, that's what Nanas are good for.

So, with my unexpected alone time, I painted!

These two paintings are a representation of what I've been doing. I'm getting happier with the way they are turning out...


Hooray for unexpected "you" time! Everything looks great.

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