Today I worked on jewelry. I've had everything set up at my work office and I use my breaks and lunch to get things made. Here's a sample of today's work...

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Carinreadsalot said…
I found this link via your etsy page... I am also a 40 yr. old librarian, and I am MAD for your beads. My hubs and I are starting a business (The Well-Dressed Reader) and your work is the most perfect thing I have seen for this site. I don't mean to be overly eager, but I hope you'll contact me about our site and getting your stuff on it. It's FABULOUS!!! I'm so excited about it!
Allyson said…
Simply BEAUTIFUL SIS!!! I love your work. Was that taken with the camera I got ya? Take care and love you
Heather Eddy said…
Yes, it WAS taken with the camera you got me. Hurray! That plus Picasa software makes my stuff beeyootiful!

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