Putting My Time to Good Use

I had the last three days off and I've put the time to good use. For several years now, I've been accumulating paper - maps, old books, foreign currency, handmade paper, etc. I love the little birds of cottonbirddesigns on Etsy and thought maybe I could do something similar, but more "me". I figured I liked the idea of a bookmouse - in keeping with my love affair with words, books and libraries.I even made a prototype out of computer paper, staples and bent paper clips at work and this weekend, I finally tried it here at home.

Well, guess what. It didn't work. It stunk.

I will let cottonbirddesigns be the queen of the sewn paper animal. Still, I wanted to do something with the paper. So I sewed hearts. I like the idea of little Christmas ornaments with my paper beads on them. I took a picture of the sewn hearts with the wires inset in them to hang beads on. I have to give that a bit of thought to figure out what would work best.

Another wonderful thing was that I worked on beads this morning! I've been mulling around an idea for a holiday set of earrings that you could change out depending on the holiday. I tried a necklace thing, but I don't know if I'll keep that idea. The pendant seems too big.

One other thing I did with the beads is make myself some jewelry. I usually only give myself the cast-offs, but this time I made up several (with GOOD beads) just for me. One thing I've learned is that I don't really care for most of my own jewelry - I don't like the two-bead earring. It's a bit too heavy for me. I am now offering some options for people in that I'll make a double bead and single bead set for people to choose from. Maybe someone else out there is like me...

Oh, in other news, I've been trying my hand at doing a drawing a day and posting it on the Drawing 365 Flickr site. So far, I've just done the drawings but haven't posted the pictures. Here's one just to give you an idea of what I'm doing...


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