Rock Stars Turned Librarians and Other Strange Truths

Yesterday afternoon, Brian came into the bedroom where I was sitting on the bed, reading. He said, "Will you come watch something with me that I think you will find uplifting and inspiring?"

Now, I've seen Brian's taste in movies and it rarely matches my own. I hesitated and asked, "What is it?" The look on my face plainly told him I didn't believe *I* would find it uplifting or inspiring.

He looked pained and said, "I want you to learn to trust me." So, for the sake of the marriage I put on my "I'm doing this for the sake of my marriage" face and went out to the living room.

Brian had gotten me a glass of ice water and some snacks so I would be comfortable. Darn, but that was kind. What if I hated the movie? How would I be able to sit through and hour and a half of schlock?

He had the movie queued up and hit play.

I watched the whole thing without blinking once, it felt like.

It was amazing. A story about a hard-rocking man, Arthur "Killer" Kane, a member of the band New York Dolls, who was at the height of fame and fortune and possibility loses it all and hits rock bottom. He comes across an ad for the Book of Mormon in the TV Guide magazine and his life changes. Completely.

He said the change was instantaneous and life-altering. He pulls himself from the bottom and becomes a librarian at the Family History Center at the Los Angeles Temple.

But he misses his music days. And this is the story of what happens to him.

I can't stop thinking about it. My eyes keep welling up with tears. Truth is everywhere, in the strangest places. And you see it through the eyes of the people you would never expect...

I guess I can start trusting Brian when he says I'll find something uplifting and inspiring... (thank you, sweetie!)

BTW, I'm doing lots of indexing for Family Search and am having the time of my life learning all about people from 1900 trying to get passports. The extra notes are the most enlightening...


fiona grayson said…
Thank you for reminding me that truth is everywhere, even in the strangest places. I have a tendency to forget this (daily). I must be reminded (daily). :)
Allyson said…
I have also seen this movie. I really liked as well. Glad you saw it finally. Trust is something I am also working on as well.

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