Dum de Dum de Dum

On the way home from work yesterday I pulled over so I could take this amazing picture. It's like a supernova (or the Death Star blowing up).

Okay, this whole Lent thing has made me moody and introspective. Therefore, no art. I was overly optimistic when I said I'd post about the new book I'd folded last week.

In other news, I'm on Instagram now. My 16-year old son was given a Galaxy Player last year for Christmas. It's a tablet that looks like a phone. Unfortunately, he kept making poor choices on the Internet and it was taken away within a few weeks. I've been holding on to it in my dresser drawer, hoping he would learn that we, his parents, mean business when we say certain things are not allowed in our house. Unfortunately, he used up his last chance and I've spent the better part of a week trying to clean up the garbage on the device. I've learned more than I want to know about my son's taste in women. Oh my.

So, I'm putting it to a better use now as my portable camera and wi-fi device. And I Instagram (rhymeswithmagic). Please feel free to follow if you enjoy funny library books and art. :)


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