Watercolor Watercolors Everywhere and Not a Drop to...

This is the product of last night's painting session. I put Kiff to bed (Brian was already in bed - he conks out early) and, in the quiet of the evening, painted.

I was especially pleased with some new things I'm learning about color - it felt so much more intuitive last night. I just had to go slowly, keep the paper wet and feel what color was missing and how much I needed. There is a new color in my arsenal - well, a few actually, but the ones I found myself using again and again were the Pat's coastal blue and perylene (green). I got both from Cheap Joe's. The coastal blue is one of those colors that pushes everything else out of its way when you lay it down. I ended up dabbing it down in points. It chased the other colors. It's opaque, too and covered up some areas that were too dark. VERY NICE!

The sun is washing out the colors, but I like how there is an almost rainbow-like effect with the combos here.


This one has a lot of similarities to the above one (I had to double check that they weren't the same picture, just put in twice!). I used an iridescent color in the sky portion, but the picture doesn't do the sparkles justice. Gosh, I love sparkles... I also like the yellow/orange/purple thing going on in the foreground. 


And then I got the idea to do postage stamp houses (like the watercolors), but on book paper. I noticed as I was editing this post that the page is from Cinderella. Wouldn't a castle be more appropriate? Hmm... I don't know if I'm a castle-type person or not. It might be too twee for me.

Brian, preparing to lay cement...

This is what was behind the paintings as I was taking the picture. He's sure a cute guy. I should probably invite him in sometime... :)


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