I've Been to the Desert With Several Paintings of No Name

This painting has a red house. Like most of my paintings. I should call it Red House #?.

Red house with a stamp! In the future, I need to handle the stamp differently. I like not having windows on it and I really like the empty door look that's in the painting above.

Yellow house! With silly fish in the windows! And with water ripples that look like a face with a fat nose! Sometimes it is good to do paintings that are less serious. It also let me experiment with colors. Since when have I EVER used yellow?

Again, I love the look of this house - the door not being painted and its size relative to the size of the house. I think I'll do without the crazy feather-in-a-cap chimney thing going on... I am really loving the rainbow-like combo of colors. It's SO satisfying.

This is an old picture I pulled out last night to try and salvage the edges. They still aren't pretty and perfect, but that's not all I worked on. Obviously, from the other paintings I've posted, I got out the colored pencils and LOOK WHAT I DID WITH THIS PAINTING!!! I love the sunbeams coming down through the clouds.

And I've just never posted a picture of this one before.


Arzigogolare said…
I was just catching up on your last few weeks of posts (going back in time), and saw your post about not feeling up for doing anything at all... (I also find this is a natural, though frustrating, part of leading a creative life.) It certainly looks as though you have replenished your creative well, so to speak - you've shown some lovely work in the last several posts. One of my favorites is the fourth one of this group...the colors in the foreground make such a great complement to the sky - and I love the tiny house with its 'protective' tree!
- Lisa

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