What Rhymes With Knee?

Ouch doesn't rhyme with knee but that's all I can think about right now.  It seems that a week ago I did something to my knee and OUCH.

I sit down at my desk to work on something. OUCH!

I stand up to walk across the room. OUCH!

I exist. OUCH!

And when I am in pain, I guess I have no creative juice. Although that might just be the aftermath of getting things submitted to Cloth Paper Scissors for that new magazine they've got...

Still... I promise to return. In the meantime, OUCH!


Unknown said…
I've had the pain vs creativity problem before. Tylenol and a good doctor fixed that. Hope you get better soon.
Oscar Solis said…
I've only had the creativity problem. But that's also a pain. Hope you feel better.

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