Testers Needed!

Help, I need somebody,
Help, not just anybody!

I just finished writing up my lowercase letters pattern set tonight!!!

I am looking for EIGHT testers (if possible) to help me proofread.

I need people who:

  1. have already gotten the basic tutorial and - even better - the alphabet pattern set, too. That will enable me to know if the two sets mesh together well.
  2. are willing to get back to me within a week. School will be starting up again shortly and I want to have this listed before that!

Contact me at the email address given on your order or leave me a comment how to get in touch with you. Thanks in advance!!! And thanks to all of you who have been so kind in asking for lowercase letters for the last several months...

In other news, for those of you interested in teaching book folding classes at libraries, scrapbooking shops or anywhere, I've just listed a new tutorial just for you! Click on my shop and you will find a Basic Folded Books Workshop Tutorial (based on my Basic Folded Books tutorial). It authorizes an instructor to conduct a workshop/library program/paper arts class for up to 15 people with handouts and includes five patterns.  

Thank you again for all you Facebook users who have been checking out my page. It's a curious sense of validation and I like it mucho.



whitesilkpurse said…
I'd love to fold for you. :)
Unknown said…
My pleasure to help you, i have both of the tutorials and love folding books.
Unknown said…
Would love to fold have your got your basic fold tutorial and loved it
Y.C said…
Hi! I wanted to know if you have a pattern for purchase for the silhouette? I just in love with it. Thank you.
~j~ said…
Heard news of the county. Hope all is well.

Love ya,

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