Paralyzed From the Brain Down - April 3, 2020

To say the past weeks have been weird is an understatement. I have been trying to work from home, but it's difficult. What's worse is that I'm home more, but am completely unable to paint! I'm paralyzed and I can't figure out what's wrong. My husband says all psychological problems are inherently fixable if you can articulate what the problem is. So when I can't articulate it, I feel worse, like it's only ME standing in the way of feeling better. If only I were smarter.
One fun thing is that my siblings and I are all talking more online. Yesterday we had the best conversation because one never-available-when-we-group-call sibling actually took part! Unfortunately, they also got mad when I took a (lot) screenshots. I touched up one of the screenshots to show how they should really feel about me. 

I'm thinking of downloading some filters for my next meeting at work and looking like the potato lady I can't stop laughing at this picture. 

And laugh…

Experiments in Clay

Baking soda/Cornstarch clay
Over Christmas, I found the drive and opportunity to try out a few new clay recipes. I've done the cinnamon/applesauce/glue clay for years now, but wanted to try something else. It started out because we put up our Christmas decorations and I remembered my bread dough ornaments from when I was 8 years old - I still have them! I wanted to give Kiff and the kids chances to do their own if they wanted. So, I experimented with stuff from Pinterest.

Above you will find one of the few ornaments that survived the baking soda/cornstarch batch. I made up the dough and cut out the ornaments - SO PRETTY!!! They were like porcelain. Then I tried baking some. Ouch - they bubbled the top layer and looked like terrible skin disease. Then I tried putting them in my dehydrator. They seemed to turn out perfect. But.... I hadn't let them dry enough and they cracked over the next several days. This heart one (being small - it must have dried completely in the short time I uh... dried them) made it and looks lovely. It feels fragile so I'll have Kiff decorate it and then I'll dip it so it gets a bit more strength.

   Paper clay
This is a batch of paper clay from last night. They are rather shaggy. These are still drying so I don't know what I'll do with them.I'm not sure if I'm a shaggy person...


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