Experiments in Clay

Baking soda/Cornstarch clay
Over Christmas, I found the drive and opportunity to try out a few new clay recipes. I've done the cinnamon/applesauce/glue clay for years now, but wanted to try something else. It started out because we put up our Christmas decorations and I remembered my bread dough ornaments from when I was 8 years old - I still have them! I wanted to give Kiff and the kids chances to do their own if they wanted. So, I experimented with stuff from Pinterest.

Above you will find one of the few ornaments that survived the baking soda/cornstarch batch. I made up the dough and cut out the ornaments - SO PRETTY!!! They were like porcelain. Then I tried baking some. Ouch - they bubbled the top layer and looked like terrible skin disease. Then I tried putting them in my dehydrator. They seemed to turn out perfect. But.... I hadn't let them dry enough and they cracked over the next several days. This heart one (being small - it must have dried completely in the short time I uh... dried them) made it and looks lovely. It feels fragile so I'll have Kiff decorate it and then I'll dip it so it gets a bit more strength.

   Paper clay
This is a batch of paper clay from last night. They are rather shaggy. These are still drying so I don't know what I'll do with them.I'm not sure if I'm a shaggy person...


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