My Sister is Stuck in Sandy Aftermath - Please Help!

My beautiful sister, April, is in Mendham, New Jersey.

She was the other half of Rhymes With Magic until we separated the word jewelry from the book art. Now she is on her own at, selling my word jewelry and her own creations (both of words and other beaded designs.) They are beautiful...

This past week Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy left its mark on the East Coast. It left its mark on my sister, the family she lives with and her community. Here is an excerpt from her email to me this morning:

The news is correct, there is a limited supply of gasoline and food. Pres Obama was here for a quick visit, under a few hours, then was off to continue campaigning in Las Vegas.  Everyone is grumbling about that, because he came cause he had to, but did not do anything. 

They announced tonight that starting Saturday morning, you can get gas depending on your license plate. If your plate ends with an "even" number, you are allowed gas on "even" days and same for "odd" numbered license plates. People have been getting vicious. Tomorrow James and Sara are driving back to Allentown to get more gas. They put the word out to the ward, that if people gave them money and gas cans, then they would get gas for others. So far they have more than 10 gas cans for members of the ward, cool, huh? Bethlehem PA was just like here, miles long lines for gas, however Allentown is only 30 or so minutes further and it was regular living, no long lines, so definitely worth the extra drive.
   I have half a tank right now and am trying to not go anywhere. I also have not worked for a week. Scary, but I know I'm ok. We are using the generator sparingly right now because of the limited gas supply. We turn it off every few hours, to stretch out the gas.

I've been trying to take pictures for you, to see, it has made me cry, how much damage and devastation there is. While some are cool, some are really sad.

 On a happier note, there are stories pouring in about people helping each other, strangers as well. It has been uplifting to see power trucks from other areas. Sara saw a row of power line trucks from Georgia, yay!! Another woman talked about how 100 or so power line employees from Colorado were coming to help with the work. The gas supply is so scary that there are police at every gas station, to keep the peace, again, trying for picture

If any of you or your friends are looking for word jewelry, PLEASE SEND THEM TO MY SISTER'S ETSY SHOP and help her and hers to get back on their feet from the storm. You will help her in ways that I cannot right now and I would be so grateful.


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