Honeycomb Book - Tutorial


A while ago, a person showed me a really pretty picture of a book whose pages looked like honeycomb and asked me how it was done. It reminds me of those decorations of the 70's - did anybody else have those at their parties? They were the height o' haute.

I kept the email in my inbox because I promised her I'd show her how it was done. Here's my take on a honeycomb book:

Supplies: You need an old book, glue and a pencil. I also used a colored pencil but you don't have to.

Use a page to fold in quarters (see marks 1, 2 and 3).

Using your folded paper as a guide, make marks in pencil where your folds are.

Using your marks as a guide, draw lines down across the fore edge of your book using a ruler or a piece of cardstock to make them nice and straight. THE TOP AND BOTTOM EDGES COUNT AS A MARK. If they aren't perfectly straight, that's not really a problem. Approximate is good enough.I call this the first set of marks.

Here is where I used my colored pencil. Make a second set of marks between the existing marks and the top and bottom edges - where the arrows are pointing. 

You can see my faint lines inside the circles.

Choose ONE set of the marks - the first or the second set - and put a dab of glue on each mark - not quite to the edge.  See how I put a dab of glue on the top and bottom edges, too? I'm doing the first set of marks where the top and bottom edges are invisible marks.

 Here's where the magic starts. After gluing that first page, SKIP A PAGE and put glue on the page after it. You will see that the first glued page is sticking to the inside cover of the book. The second page you glue (with the blank page in-between) will then be sticking to the unglued one above it.

Continue gluing sets of pages together. An unglued one being stuck to the glued one underneath it. Do the whole book. It took a while and I admit to taking a couple of breaks with this. It was tedious.

After the glue has dried, you will then glue each of the "sets" together by putting glue on the opposite colored marks (the second set of marks). This will then give you...

 Enjoy your honeycomb book. Glue fake bees to it. Real bees might sting.


Mormor Marianne said…
Thank you for this tutorial. I am going to try it right now. even if I have other things to do.
I followed your site for a long time and used some of your other tutorials.
rObfOs said…
Thanks for sharing. I've been contemplating this structure for a while now and your tutorial has given me the impetus to finally give it a go. I thought it would be much more complex to do. Pleasantly surprised :)
Very cool! Thanks for sharing this, Heather!
Jo Murray said…
Thanks for this...fascinating.

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