This Wonderful Wednesday

 When Kenneth was born, one of my favorite friends gave me a sketchbook and a feather quill. There was a note telling me that the present was for me because when babies were born, most people forgot about the mom.

I've held on to that sketchbook all this time and haven't known what to put in it... until now.

At work, I've decided to put as many of my talents and interests to use - I want to do more art. I suggested to a higher up that I have a monthly sketchbook program at each of my branches (I work at three!) and the idea was accepted. The point of the gathering is to get the creative juices flowing through structure, accountability and the sharing of like-minded people. We're going to base the gathering on The Sketchbook Challenge website and have monthly themes. And cookies. :)

The Cupadee

 One of my favorite books from childhood is The Ice-Cream Cone Coot and Other Rare Birds. I found a copy at a used bookstore several years back and have just started reading it to Kiff. It's been one of my sketchbook exercises to copy the birds in the book. I have been surprised by how well they've turned out!

The Flowerpot Plume
 This one is Kiff's favorite.

The Pencilkeet Parrot

And this one is mine. I never took drawing seriously in art school - it was such a bore. This is fun! If only I'd thought about copying the people/artists I liked. I've learned more with these three drawings than I remember learning in all my art classes. I suppose I actually have to keep it up now to see if I'm learning anything.


Frances said…
Bravo! Do keep going with that sketchbook. One of my drawing teachers urged us to spend at least an hour a day drawing.

(I have sadly fallen far from that goal in recent years, but definitely know that it's a fine goal.)

allyson.hajek said…
Brilliant sis! Love your work and I remember those characters too. Miss you
Jo Murray said…
Love those weird birds. Keep uphe practice!

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