In the Hopper

If you could only see my desk/bathroom/bedroom/house. Every surface has something on it. I see why magazines make so much of vertical storage on the walls. I've a habit of putting something anywhere I see empty space. It's almost a psychological problem... Heather Abhors Empty Space.

This weekend (and several evenings of the past week) have been spent doing that which I'm always glaring at my husband when he does it - watching TV episodes. I was hooked on Downton Abbey and just finished watching the last episode last night.

Whenever I read or watch something that I really like, I become immersed in that world. It's not even a decision I make - it just happens; hence my reason for being so careful what I watch - no war/sad movies for me!! After watching DA, I speak in a very modulated voice and use big words. :) And I don't feel so sorry about my own life when I see servants having NO life. Ugh.

I've got school starting up again this next week - both teaching my online classes and taking Kiff to kindergarten. I pray I don't cry!!!!

I'm in a blah mode for my tutorial, too. The Christmas ornaments have been something I want to do, but I've been stymied at every turn with my method of cutting the books. I used the scroll saw, which makes a lovely cut, but is really slow. Thinking that I could use my husband's table saw, I bought a new blade for it with the most teeth I could find to make a finer cut. It tripped the circuit breaker and made really ragged cuts. HORRIBLE HUGE BUMMER. I'm thinking that Kinko's might have some sort of industrial paper cutter to use, but I'm really far from the only one in my town. Ugh. I hate obstacles.

So, a whole lotta stuff is going on, but I'm so disorganized and messy in my house that I have nothing to show. Or, at least, nothing I want you to see.


Jo Murray said…
Hi Heather... I've been away and arrived back to find my purchases from your Etsy shop waiting patiently. LOVE that stuff.... I'm delighted. Thanks.

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