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Really? It's been more than two weeks?

It feels like a hundred years since I've had any time to myself. I don't mean that I haven't had alone-time; I've just not had any days without commitments - family in hospitals, family dying (Brian's grandpa - very expected), funerals, finals, grading, last-minute Etsy orders, lots of visits to the post office, making presents for family members, work potlucks (being at three different branches means three potlucks to participate in) and family vacation.

This year, Brian and I took the kids to Las Vegas for Christmas. Instead of presents, we do family trips or outings. We only have the kids for every other weekend and there is never enough time to play with their presents so we decided to start giving memories instead of things. Two years ago we did Disneyland. Last year, we went ice-skating with hot chocolate afterwards. This year we went to Vegas to watch the Condors lose to the Wranglers. It was FUN! The Vegas crowd is so different from the Bakersfield crowd. Ours is funner. Theirs is funnier.

While in Vegas, I got to see the Bodies and the Titanic exhibitions at the Luxor. WOO HOO! I spent nearly all of Saturday after the exhibits babysitting Kiff who got the stomach flu. I thought it would be fun in the hotel room all by myself, but - well, Las Vegas smells bad. I was pretty bothered by the cigarette smoke that was EVERYWHERE and in everything. Bleh.

Tomorrow night we have Brian's family Christmas and I have to make a million cookies for Brian's dad, whose name I drew this year. He's the kind of guy that you can't buy anything for because he already has it. In fact, he has a nicer one than you knew existed. He likes my chocolate chip cookies, so I'm making him a ton to keep in his freezer. Money cannot buy my cookies because there aren't any like them in the stores. ha ha.

Because we've been so busy with everything, we forgot to buy a tree. My house is a bit forlorn-looking. I think that I need to put up twinkle lights. That will make it feel Christmas-y in my house.

Here's hoping you are all well this season!


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