Kusudama Flower Ball

I learned how to make these flowers after seeing the eight billion tutorials (here's the BEST one) put out last year but was reminded about them when I saw a fellow Etsian featured in People magazine for her kusudama flower ornaments. Part of me hates when something becomes popular because I worry the value of the object lessens. Here is a lesson for me: do what you find beautiful. Again and again, if you want.

Here's how my desk looks after working this weekend. I don't even have the finished products on it!


Melanie said…
What are the "socks"?
Heather Eddy said…
@Melanie - Brian can hardly ever find socks he like - thick and up to the knee. I have vowed to help him with his sock dilemma. It's a wifely duty.
Leah said…
I saw this:
and thought of you :) I bet you could make some kick-ass rolled paper art.
:) Ninjapony
Heather Eddy said…
Leah - HER WORK IS INCREDIBLE! I'm so glad you showed it to me... Man, I wish I could afford it. :)
Skye said…
Making socks for your husband?! I never would have foreseen it in 1987. I love reading your posts and imagining your voice saying them. It's just like being back in the dorm!

--Skye Christensen
Heather Eddy said…
Skye - was I a militant feminist? I don't remember! And I haven't made a sock yet - I plan on making my first one on our family trip to Vegas. If I works, I'll post pictures. :)
Chance said…
Just found your blog, and I must say thank you for the wealth of paper folding I am finding. I can hardly wait until I have enough free time to go through the whole archives!


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