Having a blog is like being a glutton for punishment. You say things that you are doing or are going to do or whatever and, so often, nothing comes of it. I see that when I was growing up, I would say over and over that I was going to do something... but often did not. My husband says he knows I'm serious about doing something if I say it three times. Hmm... so perhaps it is not a sin to say you are going to do something and not do it right away. I just hope that I didn't seem like the type of person who was all talk and no action - or a person you couldn't depend on doing what they say they will do.

I mention this only because when I put something here on my blog, I probably seem like I'm doing whatever it is I'm posting about ALL THE TIME. The truth is that I'm not. I'm waking up in the morning, trying to exercise to lose this 80 lbs I've put on since I got married, fending off a four-year old who insists on TAKING ALL OF MY THINGS AND SCATTERING THEM AROUND THE HOUSE WHILE I AM BLOGGING, getting dressed for work, driving to work (while worrying that my car will make it), working at a place that I have philosophical differences with and having to comfort and placate patrons and employees who are bound and determined to be unhappy about this or that, driving home (hoping my car will work), taking care of a million cats, remembering to water my fruit trees and chase a four-year old who (see above) while my husband works on his novel (of which I really enjoy reading the rough drafts), reminding my husband to have scripture study (which has turned into lectures from well-known researchers rather than scripture), realize that after I'm finished doing all of this I'm too tired to focus on art and go to bed where I'll have the energy to work crossword puzzles, but not do art.

So, I think a lot about art. I blog about it because I WANT to do it. I write about it to remind myself to do it when I can. So I don't forget to grow while I'm living.

The picture I've posted above is a piece I did just recently using a different type of book (tallish) and a variation of two ways of folding the same pattern. I love the endless variety you can have just by choosing to fold a point or an open fold. It's so weird to see how everything changes...


Fiona Dempster said…
I think you still manage to get heaps done - your previous post was a whole alphabet guide for folks like me! Most of us have lives that overtake art - but we know the value of it and how even little injections nurture and inspire us - continue to find and share those moments! Go well.
Nancy said…
Are you my twin? I so know where you are coming from. I too have so many demands on me from my family and work that crafting is the last thing I can think about getting time to do. But I keep building a stockpile of materials for that time when I can just say "stop" to all the other voices that call for my attention and just craft. Funny though, if I did make the time to craft more I bet I would lose the --lbs I want (need) to lose. After all, you can't fold pages in a book and eat mindlessly at the same time!

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