Encyclopedia Foldeum

I started working on this encyclopedia/dictionary a couple of weeks ago while driving to the coast. It's been a bit of a chore for two reasons: 1) the pattern I followed out of my OWN TUTORIAL WAS WRONG and 2) it's a really big book (more than 2000 pages).

Now I need to get in touch with everyone who's bought my tutorial and send them revised directions (I figured it out at church yesterday - yay church!). Ugh.

I'm working on this piece a little bit every night while I listen to lectures about the church presidents given by Truman G. Madsen. (count all the prepositional phrases in THAT one!) That's what Brian and I have been doing each night. It was supposed to be scripture study until I pointed out that this isn't scripture. Now we're doing it for the learnin'. Cos we're eddy-cated peoples. So there.


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