The New Me

People who have worked for the library like to stay in touch even after they go elsewhere (as long as they weren't fired). One particular woman, Elaine, came in every week. She had the most beautiful long blond hair. One day she came in with a cute shorter cut. Her daughter was in beauty school and had shorn her locks...

I began to notice other women and their hair. Women actually spent money on their hair. I am really against high-maintenance lifestyles (hair, nails, waxing, etc.), but thought: Hmm... maybe I should do something real with mine. The gray has started to grow in. Although I *love* the color of my hair, the gray is going to age me right into the librarian stereotype.

Therefore, goal number 73 was "get my hair done professionally."

I began asking around to all of my fellow library workers. The prices of hair-doing made me blanch. Still, I wanted to see if getting my hair done by someone other than myself would make a difference. But I was going to have to save up for it... or take a second out on my house.

The answer to the problem came when I went to the bagel shop next to my library for the first time. The sweet young thing behind the counter and I started talking (I never shut up) and she mentioned that her mom used to work at the library.Then it clicked. She was Elaine's daughter... I liked this kid. I wanted *her* to cut my hair.

Tawny (isn't that just the type of name a hairdresser has?) offered to do a cut and color for only $30. And she said she WOULD COME TO MY HOUSE.

We made a date. Her mom drove her. She did my hair. I felt wonderfully pampered. She washed my hair. She colored it. She cut it. She STYLED it (into a style I will *never* do again as it made me look very "Oildale"). All the time, I talked to her and her mom. All that time, my 4-year old talked to both of them. And they didn't mind. Even when he came into the kitchen buck naked. Oh yeah.

Here's me:

I like this picture. I don't look like how I feel most of the time...

I made Brian take a picture with me. He's REALLY cute here, too!


Nancy said…
Wowza! It's amazing how a little pampering can go a long way. I too am having a triple treat day this week (mani, pedi & hair cut). I work for my CPA husband and this tax season has been very stressful (only one more day to go!) On a fun note, my local library had a book sale this weekend and they called to tell me they got in some Reader's Digest Condensed books and they were free if I wanted them. I gave them a donation anyway and am now the proud owner of new folding material. I can't think of a better way to destress (well maybe some new designs - wink wink - or the alphabet to play around with might help).
Holly said…
You got a short cut that isn't a mom-do! Wow! It looks really good, and your eyes look amazing.
Caroline Armijo said…
Wow! I love your new look. I planned to just let my hair turn white, but this is inspiring!
dleisert said…
What Holly said.... I always thought you were quite pretty, but these pics just ramp it up. Especially your eyes. Bet Brian loves it.

And yes, I enjoy keeping up with former co-workers even if it is infrequently. We see so much of each other.


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