One of the best things about working in libraries is the relationships you can cultivate with your patrons. In one of my libraries is a frequent patron who raises chickens as a way of dealing with empty-nest issues (chickens? empty nest? hahahahahaha!). I mentioned I'd like to try organic eggs because I'd heard they were fuller tasting. She brought me in an 18-count pack the next time she picked up books.

This week I've interviewed for a job I do not want. I've gotten a tooth pulled. I've not slept well. I've had a weekend that was spent waiting and waiting and waiting for people and not getting enough accomplished.

I'm going into this next week hoping to feel more settled mentally. And then I want to use my fancy new eggs.


Farm Girl said…
Very nice post. You interviewed for a job you don't want? I am sorry I don't want you to get a job you don't want nor do I want you to leave. You make my day and I see how you minister to each and every person in the library. You make each person who comes through the door, feel important. That is very special. Thank you from me by the way. I am so glad you liked the eggs. I hope you have a easier week next week.
I can always give you more eggs. :) You don't have to wait.
Thank you so much for being you!
sibi said…
Hope you have nice time with you patrons and 'organic eggs'. Good one! keep blogging!

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