Rain in the Head

Apparently, my son has learned to draw. When did this happen? He can also write his name and mine (Mom). Who taught him? I guess my sis-in-law is amazing and I'm so grateful to her...

This is a picture of Kiff outside with rain falling on his head. I love the smiley face.

I feel like that this week. I even came home early from work today because I haven't been able to sleep through the night for more than a week now. Brian offered to postpone our plans for going out of town this weekend for church and I was so grateful to him for bringing it up. He may not be able to pick up his socks or notice a kid screaming, but he was able to do this. Yay him.

The reports are coming back in from the friends about the tutorial. I have a few typos to fix and some steps in the patterns which are unclear that I need to sharpen. I know I could do it quickly, if only I wasn't so muzzy-headed. It's the weirdest feeling. 


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