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Okay, I finally went through everyone's suggested edits and am fixing the tutorial. I'm hoping that I can finish it by tonight and post/list it in my shop by tomorrow. I will have finished a HUGE thing for my 101 goals...

And Brian built me a shelf that goes around the entire room in my workspace. It's 3 inches deep and I'm putting all my little things up there so I can look at them all the time.

Twice a year we have a meeting at church that's comprised of several wards in the area. A ward is like a congregation. Several wards make up a stake. This past weekend was our Stake conference. I dragged Brian to the Saturday evening adult session. My hormones are really wreaking havoc with me right now because I was angry for no good reason. The microphone was doing a little feedback whine that I was ready to knock people's heads off because it bothered me so much. I finally got my booger-headed self out to the lobby where I could still listen but not hear the feedback.

The first speaker was one of the Stake presidency, and I have to admit that I've never been impressed by his talks. I guess it's just his mannerisms or because I was a Hormonal Freak, but I rolled my eyes when he was introduced. (Yes, I am a Bad Mormon. No, I'm an Irritable Mormon. Just as bad.)

Anyway, his talk blew me away. It was about the Holy Ghost and how it testifies to us of truth. People often give laundry lists of do's and don't's for others when they give talks. The Holy Ghost will NOT testify of these laundry lists because they are applications of principles, NOT THE PRINCIPLES themselves. Huh? you may say?

The Holy Ghost testifies of Truth. It testifies of doctrine and principles. Laundry lists of do's and don't's are applications of principles. They may or may not work for a person. As someone with severe OCD, or Should-Do-itis, I thought those laundry lists were important to follow to the letter. Now I see that the suggested lists are ways that I MIGHT be able to apply the principle, but, if not, it's okay. Pharisees turned the principles of the Law of Moses into a humongous laundry lists of do's and don't's that were so far away from Truth that the people couldn't see the principle for the application.

Perhaps this isn't the eye-opening lightning bolt of truth for you as it was for me, but I want to follow the Gospel because I truly believe that following God's commandments will make me happy for the long run. You know, Eternity.


Holly said…
You know I'm not religious, but I have the same feelings about goodness in general. Rules and lists are arbitrary examples of things you might do/not do if you just listen to what's built in; conscience, gut, instinct, Holy Spirit. I used to get frustrated at my in-laws, who saw my non-religious nature as an indication that I had no reason to be a good person. Same threads of philosophy, different names and manifestations.

an encourager said…
Hi Heather, library Liz here. Sure enough, the Bible says it's true: "But when He, the Spirit of truth, comes, He will guide you into all truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and He will tell you what is yet to come" (John 16:13). Jesus told His disciples that it was better for Him to go away (after He rose again) so that He could send the Helper, the Holy Spirit. I love that we are not left alone like little orphans, nor clueless. A thousand hooooooorays! It's fun to "see" you on your cute blog!
an encourager said…
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an encourager said…
Hi again... I had to delete the above comment because I accidentally sent the same comment twice. Third time's a charm. Haha

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