Summer Lovin'

Our trip to Utah was wonderful. Perhaps because we were visiting MY family, I didn't get very much down time with all the duty visits to every family member (why didn't you come to see ME?). We did have the opportunity to take family pictures of all the kids with their respective children and spouses.

It was weird with one thing. There are six girls and one boy in my family. Of the seven kids, only one sister was not there. This sister has always been a little different than the rest of us and has made very different choices her whole life - even though she'd been brought up the same as the rest of us. (I hadn't been aware of some of the choices until I became an adult) Her choices have made it so she has lost so much in life - her husband/marriage, her children, jobs (multiple), her TEETH and, now, I guess, us - the rest of her family. Although invited several times, by different family members (including the MOMMA!), she decided not to show up for family pictures even though she said she would. The family pictures look a little weird without her. I missed her.

Still, we had fun in Utah. I loved the drive - we live in such a beautiful part of the world. The desert is lovely with all the rock formations and the abundant green (yellow-green) surprised me. I think in my next life I am going to study geology. I want to know why the rocks looked the way they did...

Now I'm back and I'm working on getting my course materials ready for the new school year and trying to get my stock ready for my Etsy shop - ugh. So much to do and not enough time.

Oh well... for bed now.


Allyson said…
Love your post. You put it well. Something that I have been thinking a lot of today is, only we have the choice of how we feel. No one can tell us how to feel. We can act or react to what is going on around us. Sometimes I wished I lived in a bubble. I love you sis.
April Hajek said…
I agree with Allyson; well put! I am glad you came and got to see where all of us live in Utah! The visits never seem long enough. You know what this means though, that it is our turn to come and see you!
Melanie said…
Sigh, I agree as well. We can't help what others do, but we can help how we react to it. It was wonderful having you in our home! Emma and Quinn talk about "cousins" all the time.

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