All Work and No Play

Since I got that order for thirty (COUNT 'EM!) books, I've been a bit busy. I fold during my breaks and lunches, in the drive-thru line at Taco Bell and during scripture study while Brian reads to me. So far, I think I've gotten 27 done. I need to recount...

In the good news, I'm getting faster and better. I still have no idea how to explain how I do these to people! Where's a technical writer when you need them? Anyone have any ideas how to explain the folding process and make patterns?
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Melanie said…
They are beautiful Heather! Bob asked me how come I don't fold books. Lol, I said because she hasn't put up the tutorial!
Nancy said…
Maybe when you try to do a tutorial you can think about how you learned to do it. Was it trial and error? Did you use graph paper to plot out the letters, etc.?

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