The Need for Change

I need to do something new with my life. I want to throw all of my stuff out and start over, fresh, new, clean!

I want to change my personality, too. I think I will speak with a French accent. (Say it with me "Fronch Ok-SONT.")


I want all the projects lingering in my closets and on my table (and in the million boxes in the garage) to be finished so I can begin something new...

And while I'm at it, I want a pony.


I think this sort of feeling is going around. Ah huh huh, oui oui.
RoMo said…
I could probably hook you up with the pony. But I don't know about all the rest.
Heather Eddy said…
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Heather Eddy said…
Ponies are good, but I'm still considering the french accent. I tried it out on Brian last night. He just smiled.
Marchi Wierson said…
we have so much in common.
1. I did throw some things away.
2. And my bf speaks french so I do it too a tiny bit,
3. and even though I can't have a pony I am going to have a pony tail. I am growing my hair. I actually said to someone just that a few days ago.
strange. maybe we are all really in schools of fish or flocks of birds only we don't see each other turning.

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