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We just found out today that our County's budget for the library only allots $.31/person in the county.

The state average is about $6.75/person in other counties.

Our county has no understanding of the importance of libraries.


p.s. Sorry the tutorial is taking so long. Between working full-time at the library, working part-time at the College, doing Etsy and being a mom, I'm a bit swamped. This is not an excuse! I love my life! I am also experiencing horrible writer's block with the tutorial... I have made it bigger than I can handle, so I'm going to have my husband help me. He is a natural writer and has helped me tons before. Thanks for the patience!


Wow, .31. sigh.

Your books, as always, are beautiful.
Nancy said…
The two books are fantastic. Makes me even more anxious for your tutorials to become available. Thank you for sharing your artwork with us.

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