Week in Review

Last Monday night I got to take my son to the emergency room for what, I am sure, will be a never-ending parade in the future. I don't know exactly what happened, but it involved newly-sharpened colored pencils, a nightstand and jumping on the bed. It resulted in a badly cut lip and seven stitches. I looked like a second victim as he kept rubbing his face all over my shirt. It's been a week now and his lip is nearly healed. He's hated taking his antibiotics (doesn't like the taste), but is willing to be bribed with a cookie or a drink of Mommy's Diet Pepsi for taking it. Yeah, I'm a sucker.

Speaking of sucker, Kenneth is being potty-trained, too. If his diaper is off, he goes just fine. If it's on - no way, Jose. I've taken to bribery. It started out with a Hot Wheels car if he went potty in the toilet. After he got good at that (and started asking for a car every five minutes) we switched to doing the other business for a car and getting a treat for going potty. Yesterday, he got the fifth and last car of the set of HW that I'd gotten for the bribing. He announced to me "You need to get more cars at Wal-Mart!" I have a feeling I've been had. He KNOWS how to go, but only if he's nekkid. It's cute - he says "My pee-pee is full" or his bottom is full. I don't know, maybe it's only cute to the mom and gross to everyone else. Too bad.

I've never been a social-type, preferring to stay home in the evenings rather than out and about with people. But when a friend of mine from the library said she was having a candle party, I immediately asked if I could be invited. Every day leading up to the party, I dreaded it. You know the only reason they do these parties is so you can buy something, duh. I was expecting the prices to be really unreasonable and set a small limit of $20 for myself. The party was a surprise for me in that I saw old friends that I hadn't connected with in a few years. It was great to see them again. The party was only a little bit dumb - the presenter had us each pretend we were the salespeople and take turns presenting our product to each other. *sigh* I don't sell, but I did it so I wasn't a total humbug and embarrass my friend. The prices weren't too bad and I let myself get one candle for me and one for Brian (he likes vanilla). All in all, I'm glad I went. Yay me!

Yesterday I was looking at my Etsy folded book inventory and comparing it with the stuff I have sitting on my bookshelves. Out of the 15 I had on my shelves, I'd listed five. So I took a million pictures and have to edit them and get them listed.

School will be done next week (I finished grading all back assignments last night) after I've posted grades and then I will be FREE for the summer. No wonder teachers look forward to this time of year! I need to get ready for Christmas with Etsy and FINISH MY TUTORIAL!!!


RoMo said…
Good for you for being social! It's hard to do, I find, but so rewarding.

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