I Couldn't Make This Up

I got a talking-to by the head of the main library about my weeding practices.

I got a verbal warning from my branch supervisor about a mistake I made with time sheets over scheduling hours without permission. (In this library system, you train yourself. There is no manual. I goofed on something I didn't know I was doing wrong, but like the captain of his ship, I am responsible for my actions...)

An email came from the head of our library system that we are being evaluated for outsourcing library services like Riverside County Library.

A retired librarian from Riverside County Library came up to my desk and said, "I used to be a librarian in Riverside County and I'm visiting your library for an hour while I'm waiting for my train." She told me all about when their system was outsourced 10 years ago.

And it's only 2:45. I still have more than three hours to go.

I want my mommy!

Weird how grownups don't feel grownup sometimes.


Holly said…
what? That is all stoopit!
Holly said…
because you already know how to do all that stuff and they should take notes! harumph.
dollgina said…
These times are scary, that's for shore. But I think your county is having a harder time than ours. :(

P.S. I love your new logo!

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