Home Decor

We had the kids this weekend and I needed to keep them busy while Brian did some homework. I found a great idea on a blog that I decided to implement in our home. Because we can. Ha ha ha.

We drew on the walls. The best thing about this is that we can keep adding to it. Forever. Ha ha ha!

Alex likes doing sports logos. He did a wrestler logo (Mysterio) on my wedding photo autograph frame. I could have killed him. When he started drawing football logos on the wall, I bit my tongue. I will show it to his future girlfriends. Ha ha ha. They will *mock* him. Kenzie did the usual castles and princesses. I prefer those to sports stuff. Even though this is in the boys' room closet, we're going to draw in Kenzie's closet, too. Later.

Kenneth thought it was a great idea. After all, he does it even when Mommy isn't looking!

The family portrait. By me. And an alien in a car flying over a volcano. Also, by me.


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