Paper Curtain and Tartan Beads

An idea I've had floating in my head for a while has been a paper curtain. I've seen ones in craft books where you use an entire sheet of paper on a roman blind type of thing, but I wanted to see what one looked like with individual strands. I've cut out a few hundred hearts from a Harry Potter book (#5 - NOT my favorite...) and have started sewing them together in batches of 20. After I have 17 strands, I'm going to put them here in my office to replace the ugly blinds I have. I was a bit worried about privacy until I saw that the hearts can be interlocked! More pics later. Only 10 more strands to go!!

The Scottish Games are coming to Bakersfield the first week in April. I'm hoping to have some of my beads in a booth with my good friend, George the Giant. Teeny tartans.


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