Book Origami (a.k.a Book Butchery)

Warning: you may not like what you are about to see...

Some people are very protective of Books. Capital B. To them, it matters not what information the book contains. The vessel itself is sacred and should not be sullied.

I disagree. The book is simply a vessel. It houses information. Information can be useful or worthless. Sometimes it is downright harmful. Some vessels are valuable because they have historical significance. Most books do not fit into this category. Readers Digest Condensed books fall squarely into the Insignificant category. After a book has no significant value, it is good to use for art. Henceforth, it regains value.

I like old books and I like to make them unreadable by folding, cutting, bending and otherwise manipulating them! Book Butcher is my name and books are my game...

This one below hangs outside my office door.

Did I mention that I'm a librarian? It really freaks people out that I do this to books. I think that my profession has given me objectivity. Yay!


ZU!CY said…
I love books. In my retirement (too far away to even see the light at the end of the tunnel - but I can dream) I would love to volunteer at the local library.

I fully agree with you about books being vessels and have been toying with altering books. Nothing worthy of posting, but may be someday.... Love your blog!
Holly said…
yes, it is homage to the makers. I do remember being horrified at a college assignment involving book alteration, but then I was given "Meet Thomas Jefferson", cut the inside out, installed a wee coffin and be-wigged skeleton, and got over it.


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