Holiday earrings!

For several months now I've been trying to figure out how to do holiday earrings. I wanted to make some kind of set that could change for each holiday. I thought about making toggles on the earrings to change the holiday. The earrings were much too long. I then tried a necklace of the same. Eew.

Anyway, I then thought about simplifying it - a solution to most of the problems in my life. So, I made up a variety of earrings for the "happy" or "let's celebrate" or "remember" part of the holiday and then the names of the holidays themselves. That way, you can switch them around as you see fit. I think they turned out well. This batch is for my Mom for Christmas. Yep, I am late. I just like to draw out the suspense...

And a made another ball yesterday with a music theme. Can you guess who?


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