No, I'm not dead!

I keep thinking that I can't post anything unless I've got a picture. Quite frankly, I'm terrible at being patient enough to take the pictures, edit them and post them. I get distracted with 26 other things I could be doing!

Another thing, too, is that all my pictures of my beads look the same. Ooh, look at me printing bead sheets. Look at me cutting them. Look at me rolling them. See me dip. See me make 3 pairs of the same thing. Boring. And I'm not at home during the daytime, so I can't take pictures that look well enough anyway.

Can you tell there are other things in my life bothering me? I'm going to find out on Tuesday if I'm pregnant or if it's another false hope. I'm now more than 3 weeks late and my sister made me call the doctor's office to find out if I should get checked out. I totally expected them to say, "oh it's normal to skip every once in a while. It's your body taking a break." Instead I was told that I was too young for menopause and I needed to be given a blood test. But how can five negative pregnancy tests be wrong?

I don't 'feel' pregnant except for wanting to cry all the time. I also want to be pregnant so much that I'm dreading finding out that I'm not. Bleh.

So, instead, I stop blogging. It's so much easier to hide that way.

But I have been doing beads. I've posted tons of them in my etsy shop. I'm just not sure what to say when my mind is all worried about this other stuff.


Allyson said…
Good luck my sister. I always felt you would have another. More pictures of kenneth would be nice though. I love you

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