Day 48/365 project (Stay by the Tree)

One of the talks at General Conference made a big impression on me. 

When I came back from college, my mind was swirling with all the different things I'd been taught. I was a chaotic mental mess. In church that same weekend, I heard a talk about staying in the center, the mainstream and not worrying about the "mysteries". The "mysteries" were always the topic of conversation in my art classes. I think it made people feel deep to talk about stuff they didn't understand.

Anyway, I ditched thinking about the mysteries and focused on the mainstream. It was a "getting back to basics" approach to mental stillness that I still use today. This talk was along similar lines - stay out of the mysteries and the deep raging waters of speculation and doubt. The story refers to Lehi's Dream in 2 Nephi of the Book of Mormon. It is about the Tree of Life and staying close to it rather than exploring the dark and dreary wilderness of the world.

I like that. Here's my first day's attempt:

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