An Unexpected Journey - A Heather's Tale

It's been more than a month now since my sister, Meagan, died in her sleep. My little family and I packed up the car and wended our way to Utah the day after so that we could attend the funeral and be with family.

The scenery as we drove through desert and brush was surprisingly beautiful.

My husband's shirt was not beautiful! He has a love for pork rinds. Blech!

I was quiet for most of the trip except when taking fun pictures for posterity...

 Yes, he wore those teeth for much of the trip. And held the boxing glove. For a 7-year old, Kenneth was wonderful on this trip. He played and played and played in the back seat, mostly writing a story. You can see the paper sticking out of his backpack next to his seat.

I don't do many selfies, but here's one.

The Virgin Gorge is one of the prettiest things we see as we drive to Utah.

The stretch of road between St. George and Salt Lake City is very pastoral.

I'd heard that librarians like to visit other libraries when they travel. I felt like a spy. And a critic.

One of the best things about the trip (it was a funeral, after all) was seeing online friends in the flesh. This was Dana and when we met it was like we'd always known each other. Fun, huh?

She took me to a the library in her town - 5,000 people and it has the BIGGEST library I've seen in a town that size. It has a museum in the basement. That's where I learned about...

Bezoars... thank you Harry Potter!

I have a plethora of sisters, even with the one now gone. This is the youngest sister, Allyson. She's a hoot.

Here's my hottie brother, Ethan. I told him he looks like Bard from The Hobbit movie. Except he's bald.

After the funeral we drove home through beautiful Utah country. Brian and I decided that we'd like to move here in a few years... (fingers crossed!)

Click on the above picture to see the native Joshua Tree plants from our stomping grounds here in Kern County. Yeehaw!

So I came back from my trip, a little sadder for the reason, but happy to have seen so much family and beautiful scenery. I was strangely filled...


Marian Hall said…
I was sorry to hear about the loss of your sister. I lost my brother unexpectedly 6 years ago and I know how it hurts and that I still miss him.
Allyson said…
Your sister, Allyson, is very pretty.

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