Circle Paper Ornaments

With the husband being sick all day Sunday, I had the remote and the afternoon to myself. I finished watching A&E's Pride and Prejudice (a venture over time since I could only watch after the hubby went to bed) and got to see You've Got Mail from start to end without someone complaining about "bonnet movies."

And I made these little things. I think they look quite lovely and will let me use up some of my scraps of patterned paper in a most satisfying way.

The husband got better around 8pm so he and I watched Big Bang Theory (season 2) while the offspring was sick. Fortunately, he's better today and at school. We'll see if it lasts all day or not. He ate a small breakfast and told me very animatedly about the fun dream he had last night.When I told him it was time for school, he said he wasn't sure if he was sick or not. Wanting to nip the fakery in the bud, I told him the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. We'll see if he really was crying wolf or not. I'll feel bad if he tosses his cookies at school. The Mom Who Wouldn't Believe isn't a nice story either.

I want to post directions for these, but am not sure when I'll have time. It's a busy week!


Heather Eddy said…
Hello Stephanie! Thank you so much! I'm loving your work on your blog, too!!

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