Up and Running

Growing up as the eldest child, I had a lot of responsibility. My mom probably didn't mean to warp me, but it happened over time that I never felt I could do anything for myself unless all of my chores were finished.

About a month ago, I was invited to a meeting with the new librarian for the college I teach at. She introduced me to a whole new world of librarianship - academic librarianship. It's very different from my profession - public librarianship. As a result of the meeting, I realized that I needed to rewrite a whole bunch of my Information Competency curriculum.

That meant I have had a chore that needed completing before I could do anything for myself, most notably, the free-form font tutorial. Unfortunately, I also needed a large block of time in which to write. It came when I took a week off for Kiff's first week of school. Yay for 1st grade!

I finished rewriting the course materials last Friday and started the free form tutorial that night. I'm moving right along with it! Hurray!

Question for everyone out there - what do I call this tutorial? "Free-form shapes" is rather dull. How do I encompass that this tutorial teaches you to fold shapes and fonts of all kinds? I would love for your suggestions in the comments below...

BTW, some of you may have come to this blog this morning and read a completely different post! I tried to edit it tonight and the whole thing deleted.

The reason for the edit was this: THANK YOU to all who responded to my call for proofreaders of my rough draft of the (for-now-named) free-form shape and font tutorial. I am grateful for such a wonderful response. I think I have enough people for now, but will let you know if I need more.

If someone comes up with a great name for the tutorial, I will send them a free copy of the finished product!


Unknown said…
Let the games begin....bring it on woman!!!! I can't wait....

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