Hearts for your Sweetheart

 I finished the big heart patterns! Yay! I have had a wonderfully supportive husband the past couple of days, letting me work like a maniac finishing this up. I now have a (more or less) permanent photo setup IN MY BATHROOM of all places. The light through my window in the morning is just heavenly...

Anyway, the hearts are 6" tall (that's 15 cm for all you not stuck in Imperial measurement systems) and can be enlarged a bit if you like. I love how they turned out. 

You can use the same pattern two ways to give you variations. This is the open-centered one. Guess what you can do with it? 

Ta-da! Potpourri basket!


whitesilkpurse said…
Thanks Heather! I can hardly wait to fold away. :)
Really like the potpourri basket!

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