Sunday Doings

It's *finally* autumn here - that means the temperatures are below 80°F - and evenings out on the porch are pleasanter than ever! No more dripping sweat onto my work! 

This weekend was spent watching General Conference with the family here on the Internet. Brian has the computer hooked up to the TV screen and the connection was so smooth it was just like watching real live television. Woo hoo!

We are instructed to prepare for Conference by praying for answers to questions we have. I had had a lot of questions I was listening for answers for. (I have a master's degree, but it sure ain't in grammar!) Although I heard a lot of wonderful things, there were no obvious answers to my wonderings about some things. Oh well... gives me motivation to meditate, ponder and pray.

Speaking of meditation, I've been practicing doing it. The first night after I had practiced stilling my mind both in the morning and in the evening I had the worst nightmare I've had in forever, the kind that stays with you all day. It almost made me not want to meditate again - why would I want to still my mind so it would play host to bad dreams? 

I have been given a new Visiting Teaching route - I am now the letter-writer to a list of seven women in the ward. I admit to a bit of trepidation about this - what you have to do is write a note every month to each of these women - complete strangers, most of them. I started looking around on Google to see if I could find any tips or ideas on how to do this. I didn't really find anything helpful, so I'm going to have to go it alone for now! Any ideas from anyone else out there?

Here is one of two watercolors I have in progress. Yeah, more houses. And lots of open space. It looks quiet and I really crave peace right now.

The nice thing about Conference is that it reminds us of Jesus Christ which brings to mind the phrase from John 14:27 "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you..."

Peace to all of you this week. :)


Jo Murray said…
I love your little drawings, and your folded books....but I really LOVE wearing my 'Raving Lunatic' earrings and wonder when you'll be doing more jewellery.
whitesilkpurse said…
I always enjoy your posts. I, too, enjoyed conference. I, too, have recently been asked to VT someone who will need monthly mail. I've been thinking of sending small treats that would fit in a mailing envelope. For instance, I saw leaf rubbings {crayon} done on book pages and then cut out. Simple, but clever. Let me know what you think up :)

I hope you and yours are well.

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