Update on Lowercase Letters Pattern Set

Lest anyone think that I am just able to make patterns up perfectly the first time, here is a glimpse of a particularly tough letter for me to figure out. I got it right after the sixth (SIXTH) try.

Today I have finished drawing the finished patterns on grids and am ready to make the final examples of the letters so I can take pictures. When I am making up prototypes, trying out the patterns my letters are multiplied, torn out, skipped, repeated and generally not nice to look at in my sample books. I use my ugliest Readers Digest books for those. heh heh heh.

Here is another stab at the bookshelf paintings. This is a work in progress - I only have the first layers of color down, but I am MUCH more pleased with the colors on this one. I tried limiting myself to only a few colors and using each of them with the others to create new colors. I'm especially pleased with the leaning books on that bottom shelf.


whitesilkpurse said…
Yay! I can hardly wait for another book from you.... Script will be so fun. Let me know the minute it's ready. :)


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