January Free Pattern- Little Houses

Better late than never! This month I made a pattern for you who have my Basic Folded Book tutorial that works with last month's pattern, too.  Now you may make little houses to go with your pine trees. You are welcome. Just click on the below picture to enlarge and print out. Yes, it *is* hard to read those little tiny numbers on the grid! You are welcome again! (just kidding - sorry, still working out the bugs on this darn pattern-making thing).

Again, if you have questions, let me know. BTW, I am really liking the suggestions some of you are having for future free patterns. Thanks!


d.guff said…
Thank you for printing the pattern, but what do the letters and numbers stand for?
How does one follow?

Heather Eddy said…
I edited this post to include the clarification that you need to have my basic tutorial to understand the directions (at least, as I have them written). You probably could work out how to do the pattern on your own and be just fine, too!
d.guff said…
I would like to purchase your instructions, but when I went to your Esty site, there was no price listed. Please tell me how to order the pdfs.


Heather Eddy said…
D - I changed the link in the post. It now takes you to the section of the shop where the tutorials are listed. :)
Papiertiger said…
Thanks for the inspiration
clara maffei said…
Love your blog! Great job, and it is very nice for you to give explanations.
Excuse the bad English

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